Live me is one of the fastest growing social media apps in the world.  The app is designed to allow users to easily live stream videos of themselves from their phone or computer device.  

How it works:  Once the app is opened, users see a screen filled with pictures of different app users.  Once you click on one of the users, you are taken directly to a live feed of the user.  Many users are simply talking or doing day to day things.  However, there are also users that are doing provocative things including sexual behavior and drug use.  There are users of all different ages from very young children to adults.  While a user is live, anybody can go and view what the users is doing.  The viewer has the option of showing a feed of themselves or hiding. Viewers can also share the live feed while watching. This can be shared on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media accounts. You can also chat with different users. This is an online predators dream.  There have been numerous cases in which children have been solicited online during streams.  Recently, two children were convinced to take off their clothes while on the app.  The app gives viewers the capability of recording the live streams.  With the recording, the stream can be duplicated over and over.  The streamer has no control over what they have put online. One parent even made the comment, “My 10 year old daughter’s number one follower is a grown adult male stranger.” That should be extremely concerning as a parent. 

It is very important to educate your children about how to be safe online. Most social media networks today have you sign a terms and conditions, stating you are 18 or above, but there are so many ways around that. What can seem like innocent fun to your children, can be turned into something not so innocent quickly.