Securing your internet through your home router is often overlooked. The router allows devices such as computers and phones to access the internet. You can access your home router settings by typing in the routers default address. The most common default addresses used for routers are or, however, if that doesn’t work you can search your router brand on the web to find the correct default address. After accessing your router there are several things you can do. First and foremost, you want to decide on a username and password. Your network can be drained causing your internet to slow down if you have an open network. You should always make your network password protected. When you network is password protected and has a unique username, neighbors and other people won’t be able to access your internet. 

Parents, there is also several things you can do with your network to provide additional security measures to protect your children. One feature is that you can block certain websites. This provides extra security for your children, because you as parents can choose what websites your children can access. Some routers even allow for you to create a specific password before you can access a certain website. With this specific feature, parents can check out the website before allowing your children admission to a particular site. Another feature you have is internet cutoff times in place. For instance, during homework hours and bed time you can block out certain times so your child/children do not have access to the internet during those hours. You can also block sites that have certain keywords and topics that you chose to list. Routers will also keep logs of what your family is accessing at home. You can setup notifications for when your children are online, or they are attempting to access something that is blocked. 

Setting up safety features for your router is very important when it comes to your child’s safety. Many parents aren’t aware of all the security features you can access. As always, make sure to educate your child about staying safe on the internet, but following these few tips about securing your router can help tremendously. Viruses, sexual predators, and dangerous misinformation are just a few things that your child can come into contact with on social media, and you as parents need to do whatever to takes to prevent that.